Clean, dye or colour renovate

Textile and leather handbags, purses and wallets are given a new look with a thorough clean and/or a colour renovate. Tired of the current colour? No problem, we can dye almost anything.

From: R150

Alterations to straps and handles

The length of handbag straps and handles are very important to create the right style and ensure that it is carried comfortably. Current straps and handles can be lengthened or shortened to customer requirements. Straps and handles can be added to the item – no one will know that it was added later!

From: R130

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Torn, ripped or stained linings

Linings can tear, rip or stain as wallets, phones and pens are taken in and out of a handbag. Skilful crafters are able to remove, replace or patch a lining. Depending on the damage, it might be necessary to make a complete new lining – a variety fabric and leather options are available.     

From: R250

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Zips, sliders and pullers

Zips, sliders (that little part of the zip that moves up and down the chain to open or close the zip) and pullers (that piece of the zip that you hold onto when pulling on the zip) are repaired or replaced – no need for a new handbag, wallet or purse!

From: R75

Missing hardware

Combination locks, magnetic clasps, trigger hooks, eyelets, press-studs and tassels are just some of the hardware that can be replaced on a favourite handbag, wallet or purse. The item will be thoroughly checked and the best course of action discussed with the customer.

From: R75



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